Jan 26

Monday’s oracle – Just a simple smile

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Jan 22

Where do you live?

Just stop for a second and think about that….have you really understood the question?

What was your first answer?    So here are some things to think about in terms of where you live.


house6   In a house? Apartment? home?



do you live here?


heart  OR


Do you live here?





Now hopefully that will have got your attention… maybe it didn’t.

The purpose behind asking you where you live, is to get you thinking outside of the box for one, and also to really give yourself some time to understand and shift your perception on what your original answer may have been.  It may have also got you to think that there is more to the question than is being realised at this moment in time.

We are told or influenced by others to believe that we live in a house and of course for many of us that may be true, we are also led to believe that we live in our hearts and that also maybe true.

When you begin to think about statements such as “home is where the heart is” and “I live at 88 such and such a road” these statements are true.  Home is where the heart is especially if you understand the concept of the soul/spirit, with the vehicle in which it resides for the journey time here in the earth plane being the human body, and the heart is the connection point for that.

And I am sure that there are thousands of other interpretations of the above, but this just happens to be mine for today, to help you shift out of your “comfort zone” a tad.

So going back to the above concept/analogy the home for the spirit/soul is within the heart.

And yes homes/houses etc. is where they human aspect is “told” it can live to keep dry safe, warm etc.

But what drives all that is the mind, and that is where we truly live….

Whether that is negatively or positively.  We live in our heads….. thoughts manifest into realities, everything is created out of thought.

So I will ask you the question again “Where do you live”?

I have asked many people this question and there have been very few who have truly understood the question, let alone know the answer.  It gave me guidance as to how far out of alignment the person was with there own true self when they answered.

The questions I ask have many understandings, meanings and perceptions, what was yours before reading this blog? and what is yours now that you have read this blog?

And remember it is just my perception that has led me to here, but is any of what I have written true?

Maybe not to some, but maybe yes for others, does it really matter?

What I trust in life is that whatever is being written is for a reason, and most of the time I am unaware of that reason and actually don’t ever worry about it anymore, knowing that as long as I trust these words which are flowing through me and from me are for someone out there in the world.

So the next time you ask someone the very question “where do you live”? listen very closely to the information which is being given back to you, and observe your own inner self.

Jan 13

26 minute Crystal Cave Meditation


Take a journey with me Mia “Earth Angel” Williams and enter the world of relaxation with this crystal cave meditation.

Remember to find yourself a safe and comfortable place to relax where you will not be disturb, listen through headphones, and remember to switch off all mobiles and phones.  If you lie down to do any form of meditation you may find that you will fall asleep as the brain will automatically link lying down to sleeping, so sit in a firm upright chair.

If this is your first time then please listen to the Introduction to meditation before proceeding with the Crystal Cave Meditation,

Click on the link below which will take you directly to the meditation.

Crystal Cave Meditation



Jan 12

Monday’s Oracle



Monday’s Oracle


Dec 30

Tuesday’s Oracle

How do you feel in the moment of creating?


It is not about whether you believe you can manifest or not, it is about how you feel when you manifest.

It doesn’t matter how great you are at visualisation, vision boarding, story boarding or whatever else you choose to call a board full of inspirational pictures and words, it is all about how you feel about what is on that board or in that vision that you have created or are creating that makes the manifesting happen.

Do you really “feel” that you deserve it?   – You may need to dig real deep for the truth to that question, and when and only when you find the truth will you truly know whether or not you can align with it and attract it towards yourself – and that is when you have manifested something.  If you find the truth is that you “feel” you don’t deserve it then this is the reason it will not manifest for you, or come into your presence.

You do not have to create what it is you are looking to manifest all you have to do is align yourself with the same vibration and it will automatically find you.

Mike Dooley recently posted on TUT – a note from the universe something that is so so true and I will share this with you just in case you are not aware of TUT. (which you can subscribe to here © www.tut.com ® (it is free)

It’s kind of like your gift to me is the thoughts you choose, mia, no matter what you choose.

And my gift to you is their manifestation, no matter what you think.

See now do you get it?  So negative and positive thoughts/feelings get manifested.

It is not just about positive thoughts, you have to believe that you can have the very thing that those thoughts are about,  and that is through adding your feelings, and then the above happens – and sometimes in a milli second of our time, and okay yes sometimes it can take longer, but my personal opinion on the taking longer bit is that and it is just my opinion is that as there is no such thing as time then anything can manifest itself into your life almost seconds after you have thought it, the only thing that takes the time is for us humans to build the belief in all the above and remembering how to add the feeling and then letting it go trusting that it has already happened somewhere else and all you are doing is aligning with it.

Clearly if you have a negative default program in your mind running (which you will not be aware of most of the time) then this is the very thing that the universe listens to and responds to despite how ever many positive thoughts you put in over the top. (hence the 3rd paragraph above).

So if there is no such thing as time, then the only reason that it can appear to take so much time to show up in our life is because we believe it is going to take time….

According to research it is possible to change your default program, and like training a muscle it will actually take time to re-educate a negative default program into a positive program but there are literally hundreds of methods available on the internet, too many names and sites to log here but google is a fantastic research tool and you will be guided quite strangely to find the information that is right for you in the moment of searching. (another form of manifesting)

So until the next time happy manifesting – if you feel guided to work with me on a one to one basis then I offer coaching sessions for this and much more.

To find out more about the sessions please e-mail me at mia@miawilliams.com (please only contact me if you are interested in coaching, all other e-mails will be blocked).

Dec 29

Monday’s Oracle


Dec 29

Monday’s oracle

Do you really know the difference between coming from ego to when you are coming direct from divine source (spirit). Have you identified the difference in how it works when you let go of ego and how it feels when divine source guides you?


Dec 23

Australian Bush Flower Essences


Remember that as a qualified therapist with 20 years experience, I can blend up bespoke essences for specific purposes using the Australian Bush Flower Essences, all you have to do to get your blend is e-mail with a short description of your situation or symptoms, and I can make a blend that will assist in shifting the energies which may be holding it all in place (physical symptoms will require a full phone consultation – so please remember to put your contact phone number in the email).

Each blend will cost £9.99 +P&P

Ideas of what blends can be made:

(abandoned feeling)

Where there is a sense of rejection – feeling isolated alienated or lonely.


Feeling scattered and not being able to focus on anything or stay focused.

Finding direction in life,

Decision making; integrating information; listening to higher self.

(low self esteem)

increase self worth, self love, etc. for those who sabotage their goals and dreams because they believe they are not good enough.


For carers, for people who feel constantly rushed, not being able to close the mind off, for people who do chronic worrying

There are hundreds of different blends that can be made to suit your situation, so please do not hesitate to get in touch via email to find out more.

more information is available here:  Benefits of Australian Bush Flower Essences


Dec 22

Monday’s oracle

So get inspired by words and make yourself a picture that reminds you of things that help with your development.


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